Alia Bhatt to reveal how motherhood changed her!

20th Mar, 2023

The incredibly talented Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt had a great year in 2022 on both a personal and professional level. Alia had three successful acting performances in 2017 with the films Gangubai Kathiawadi by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, RRR by SS Rajamouli, and Brahmastra by Ayan Mukerji. The Bollywood actress married her longtime partner, actor Ranbir Kapoor, in April, and the two welcomed their first child, a girl named Raha, in November.

In a latest media chat, Alia Bhatt talked about embracing motherhood at the peak of her career and disclosed how it changed her as a person. 

The talented actress, who adores her little daughter Raha, admitted that she frequently feels mother guilt, one of the most common emotions associated with motherhood. "It is a regular feeling, very very normal. Most moms will feel it. It is important to tell yourself that you are doing your best. And it is important to tell yourself that to of course take that time. It is very important for all big corporations and businesses to give mothers their required maternity leave, especially when they are nursing and taking care of their child. That is something I would like to say loudly," Alia Bhatt said.

"I had very understanding producers for example, who gave me the exact amount of time that I wanted off. It is very important to also understand and take care of your own mental health and your own whatever makes you happy, will also keep your baby happy. So whether it's taking that walk or taking that time off, or finding that person to be like 'listen, have a look at the baby for some time' you know" she further added.

In her media chat, the actress also extensively talked about how her husband Ranbir Kapoor and her family are supporting her unconditionally, in this new journey as a young mother. "What really helped me was my support system you know - my husband, my sister Shaheen, my mom, my family, who were constantly checking on me, constantly making me feel like I'm doing the best job possible. And it is a journey that is just beginning. It's just begun and there is so much to sort of explore now. But yeah, possibly the best journey I have been on, in my life," Alia Bhatt ended her chat.