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Akshay Kumar to reveal about his mother's biggest advice!

24th Feb, 2023

The well-known Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is a true family man at heart. In fact, the Khiladi of Bollywood had a close relationship with his late mother Aruna Bhatia. Akshay has always recalled how his mother gave him unconditional support while he was experiencing the highs and lows of his acting career. Akshay Kumar recently appeared on well-liked program Seedhi Baat and became emotional as he talked about his relationship with his mother.

Akshay Kumar sobbed at a media interview as he talked about his late mother Aruna Bhatia. The Selfie actor admitted that after finishing a shoot, he used to head go to his mother's room. The actor remembered that his days were never complete without talking to his mother, and discussing how their day went.

When the host questioned Akshay Kumar about how his mother would have responded to the ongoing low phase in his acting career, he shared the most important piece of advice she had given him. "Unki ek badi famous line hai- ‘Fikr nahi kar puttar, Babaji tere naal hai’(which translates - Don’t worry son, God is with you)" disclosed the Entertainment star.