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Sonu Nigam arrives at a police station after being manhandled at a musical event in Chembur!

21st Feb, 2023

One of the most loved and well-known singers in Bollywood is Sonu Nigam. Every generation enjoys his songs because he has given a number of hits. When he and his colleagues were attacked during a music event in Mumbai's Chembur on Monday, the musician took centre stage yesterday. Social media users are sharing a video of a member of Sonu's crew being shoved off the stage. According to the most recent information, the singer has arrived at the police station to lodge a complaint.

Sonu Nigam was performing at a festival in Chembur when Saira, the singer's manager, was allegedly mistreated by a local Legislator. They arrived at the stage, it seems, because the MLA's son wanted to take a photo with Sonu. The man ended up pushing Sonu on the backstage stairs as Sonu was leaving the stage. The musician has gone to the Chembur police station to file a complaint as a result of the dramatic occurrences. As of right now, the allegedly footage is being authenticated, and police representatives are asking Sonu Nigam about the incident to learn more.

According to the reports, certain eyewitnesses have narrated that Sonu Nigam’s bodyguard put his own body between the assailant and the singer and in this, he took the push and fell off the stairs. After this, the aggressive man tried to grab Sonu but his friend and singer Rabbani Khan came in between and tried to stop the man. In this, even Rabbani, who is the son of Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, fell seven feet off the stairs and onto the ground below. Luckily, Sonu did not sustain any injury but the two men who tried to save him may have been injured.