Vipul Shah opens up on allegations of ‘inaccurate facts’ against his film The Kerala Story!

29th Dec, 2022

Recently, the teaser of the Vipul Shah and Sudipto Sen collaboration, The Kerala Story hit the tube. But it seems that the movie has run into trouble. The teaser revealed Adah Sharma, who is expected to be the leading lady of the movie, speaking about how women are brainwashed to join the ISIS organization. After its release, it faced allegations of how facts were blown out of the promotion and some of them even called it ‘inaccurate’. Also, a few politicians also called out the filmmaker and demanded the ban of The Kerala Story.

Filmmaker Vipul Shah addressed the issue during a media chat wherein he asserted that they have evidence to support their claims. In these reports, Vipul Shah talked about the allegations, saying, "We will address [the accusations] in due time. Nothing we say will be without the evidence. When we present our facts and figures, people will get the answers. Whether they choose to accept them or not is their choice. Director Sudipto Sen has researched extensively for four years before starting the film."

He further added, “We are making a film on a big tragedy. If I feel that I want to tell this story as a filmmaker, then, discussion on whether I am pro-establishment or not will only reflect an individual’s point of view. As a filmmaker, I only think of the story that touches my heart, and moves me enough to want to narrate it.”