Vicky Kaushal to find solace and peace with his family!

28th Dec, 2022

Recently, in a media chat, Vicky Kaushal was questioned, whether one gets lonelier after reaching great heights or they reach in a much more secure position, to which he responded, “My life is my work. But my life is more importantly my family and my friends. I find my solace and peace of mind over there. I am not really dependent on finding that solace in my work. I definitely want satisfaction. But my eventual base core peace of mind is very much dependent on my home, family and friends. They are my core, my ground zero”.

The Masaan actor further revealed, “I am very attached to the process, but also little detached to the results, be it positive or negative. I just never want to be at the mercy of result as it is a dangerous ‘Rabbit Hole’. It is a very subjective topic; I cannot generalize this topic of discussion. Personally, what helps me is just to know that I want to sleep well every night. The only thing that matters to me predominantly is to know that my family is safe, happy and healthy. That gives me the best sleep”.

Speaking about his work, he revealed, “When it comes to work, some days are going to be off while some days are going to great; some films are going to work, some might not. But what really gives me peace of mind is something completely different from work”.