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Namrata Shirodkar talks about choosing marriage with Mahesh Babu over acting career!

19th Dec, 2022

After marrying Mahesh Babu in 2005, former Miss India and actress, Namrata Shirodkar, took a backseat from acting to focus on her family. Mahesh Babu and Namrata married in 2005 after their film Athadu. The couple now have two children - a son, Gautam, and a daughter, Sitara. 

Namrata recently revealed that she has no regrets about choosing marriage over acting. However, she thinks, "if I had taken my work seriously, my life would have been very different from what it is now."

"I was a bit lazy in many ways and for me, nothing was planned like I always said. Whatever has happened has organically happened. I could say the choices I have made are right and I'm happy with the choices I have made," revealed Namrata.

She further added, "So I was a bit lazy...even when I got into acting, it was because I was bored of modelling. I got into acting which was the obvious next step and by the time I really enjoyed my work and thought seriously about my craft, I met Mahesh and we got married so if I had taken my work seriously, my life would have been very different from what it is I'm not complaining but my happiest moment was when I and Mahesh decided that we should get married and my whole world changed after that and the whole experience of being married is a great experience. The whole phase of motherhood is a great experience so I don't think I would exchange or change that for anything. It is not worth it."

Furthermore, Namrata Shirodkar also opened up on how she and her elder sister Shilpa got support from the family but in limits. "My family has always been supportive of whatever we did but they were always, not to say that they were very open-minded but they still wanted us to be within your limits but at the same time, be free to what you want and what makes you happy and also, I try to instill in my kids because today, both me and my sister we are happy wherever we are and however we are and there's no regret, there's no hunger like I should have done that or been this," revealed Shirodkar.