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Varun Dhawan opens up on battling with Vestibular Hypofunction!

7th Nov, 2022

Presently, Bollywood’s dynamic actor Varun Dhawan is hectic in promoting his forthcoming movie, Bhediya. He has rejoined Kriti Sanon after Dilwale. The trailer received a huge response from the viewers. Varun has left no stone unturned to promote his film. 

In a famous Conclave, The Badlapur actor disclosed that recently he just shut down after he was diagnosed with vestibular hypofunction. The actor also shared that he pushed himself hard. While talking about how things have changed after Covid-19, Varun revealed, "The minute we opened doors, don’t you think we went back to the same rat race? How many people here can say that they have changed? I see people working even harder! In fact, I started pushing so much harder (with) my film JugJugg Jeeyo, it felt like I was running for an election. I don’t know why, but I put so much pressure on myself." 

He further revealed, "Recently, I just shut down. I didn’t know what had happened to me. I had this thing called vestibular hypofunction, (where) basically your balance goes off. But I just pushed myself so hard. We are just running in this race, nobody is asking why. I think there is a greater purpose (why) we are all here. I am trying to find mine, and hopefully, people will find theirs."