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Arjun Kapoor wishes uncle Sanjay Kapoor on his 60th birthday!

18th Oct, 2022

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is one of the quite active stars on social media. Recently, the Tevar actor posted a lovely message for his uncle and actor Sanjay Kapoor, as he wished him on his 60th birthday. In this post, he also thanked him for being by his side during a tough time in his childhood.

In the video posted by Arjun, he can be seen wishing Sanjay Kapoor his 60th birthday and apologizing for not being with him on his special day. Arjun shared that although he wanted to express how much his uncle mattered to him. He revealed, “You’re somebody who has been a part of my life for so many years in many more ways than just being my chachu, my uncle. You are somebody who has been my friend, you have made have my first drink and made me go out and party, basically all the bad things.” He laughed and added, “And, a lot of good things as well.”

The actor further revealed, “You have been my company along the way when I faced a tough time as a child with my personal life, being linked to the family, and mum and dad going through whatever they did. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a positive person, full of life.” 

Sharing this video, Arjun posted in the caption, “Happy birthday Sanjay Chachu Thank you for introducing me to the 'cool' side of the Kapoors 60 has never looked better. Love you 3000@sanjaykapoor2500! PS - Thank you for always making sure I was okay, being there & taking care of me...” Responding to Arjun, Sanjay commented, “Love you Arjun that’s so so sweet , missed you a lot last night, the celebration was incomplete without you.”