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Shahid Kapoor opens up on his marriage with Mira Rajput!

26th Aug, 2022

Bollywood stars Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani won many hearts for their portrayal as Kabir and Preeti in 2019's biggest hit, Kabir Singh. Both shared mesmerizing on-screen chemistry. The pair graced Karan Johar's controversial chat show Koffee With Karan.

The trio chatted about a variety of things, ranging from their movies to relationships and more. Karan Johar praised Shahid's wife for making a niche for herself on Instagram and questioned him whether he supported her wife the way that she would have liked or not. Shahid revealed that he would like to believe that he did and then talked in length about their marriage. He revealed, "When we got married, I was 34 and she was 20. So I had to approach it very differently. She needed to be cared for, with kid gloves. She had left everything in her life and had come to Bombay. I was very established in my space and films in general and this world of films can be very intimidating and judgemental. Sometimes, I used to feel like I know too much and I think I can tell her what to do and how to be. But I used to sometimes do it from a place of wanting to protect her. This is because I had been in that place myself. I was this kid from Lokhandwala, who at 21, did well and didn't know how to be." After Shahid reacted, both Kiara and Karan were all admirations for Mira and how she brought stability in Shahid's life.