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Ananya Panday reveals her best way to deal with heartbreak!

15th Jul, 2022

As per media reports, Ananya Panday and Ishaan Khatter ended their relationship after dating for three long years. Recently, in a media chat, Ananya revealed about her mantra on dealing with heartbreaks. The Khaali Peeli actress disclosed that the best way to deal with heartbreak is to "go all-out emotional". 

She revealed, "I am the kind of person who believes in going through all the emotions and letting it all out. By keeping our emotions in, we think that we’re being strong. We tell ourselves, ‘no I won’t cry’ but that suppressing of emotions always catches up to you sometime later. I feel it’s okay to cry your heart out and listen to all the Arijit Singh songs that you can. Eat how much ever ice cream you want to and you’ll be okay one day. Also, I don’t think there’s a better medicine than spending time with your best friends."

Admitting that she has a 'strong support system', Ananya is keeping her focus on work. She has been making buzz on social media for her forthcoming movie Liger.