Shefali Shah reveals her Jalsa co-star Vidya Balan's amazing qualities!

15th Mar, 2022

Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah starrer film Jalsa is all set to release this Friday, 18th March. The drama thriller has gone for the OTT route and will be digitally released.  Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah are promoting the film ahead of its release. In a latest media chat, Shefali disclosed what qualities of Vidya Balan astonished her while working together.

In media chat, Vidya and Shefali spoke about their wonderful experience of working each other. When the interviewer asked Shefali about that one quality of Vidya that astonished her while working with her, the Satya actress had a lovely answer. She expressed that she admires every bit of Vidya, she admires her as an actor, woman and human being. She revealed that Vidya has a lot of warmth and genuineness and she excuses it and that she doesn’t see any falsity in her. She expressed that it is a very important quality for her. “What I admire about Vidya the most is the fact that she’s grounded and yet she’s confident in her own space,” she revealed. 

Furthermore, she went on to say that Vidya is very comfortable and confident about who she is without ego or arrogance. She expressed that she really wished that she could do that too. She admitted that she is burdened with self-doubt all the time and said she was sure that Vidya must have also had the same, at some point.