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Hrithik Roshan’s ‘an extraordinary human’ comment for alleged GF Saba Azad!

8th Mar, 2022

Nowadays, Hrithik Roshan and his alleged girlfriend Saba Azad are making headlines due to their PDA and rumoured warm relationship. Recently, Saba took to her Instagram space and shared a video in which she can be seen humming a Bengali song from Satyajit Ray’s classic film ‘Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne’. 

Posting the video, Saba stated that as a child, she learned every song on the album, even though she did not understand the language back then. But she further revealed, that a few days back, when she was keeping unwell, she revisited the song and recorded herself singing it, only to realize that she has not forgotten a word after all these years. Hrithik could not stop himself from admiring the actress-musician, and called her ‘an extraordinary human’. 

The caption of the video shared by Saba Azad some time back read, “Sick at home with no energy to do much else than sing - when I was a smol my parents got me the cassette tape for the soundtrack of the classic Ray film “Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne” soon after we watched it at a festival. At the time I didn’t understand Bangla at all, even so it very quickly became my favourite cassette tape and I learnt every lyric of every song (however mispronounced and incorrectly - pls forgive me) on the album - yep, without understanding a word of what it meant - that’s the thing with music though right - language doesn’t matter at all, if it moves you it moves you!!” 

Saba furthermore posted, “A while back on a lazy evening chilling at home singing songs with friends I realised I still remember all of them like they never left my head - here’s a scratchy voiced (warts and all) version of the one I love the most - maybe if I find the courage I’ll sing them all to you - excuse my throat i shoulda warmed up before recording”. 

Viewing Saba’s video, Hrithik commented, “You are an extraordinary human”.