Isha Koppikar opens up on facing casting couch!

28th Feb, 2022

Bollywood’s Khallas actress Isha Koppikar is best known for her roles in Krishna Cottage, Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi, D, Don and others. Isha had taken a break from the industry after the birth of her daughter Rianna in July 2014. The 45-year-old actress had a greta career in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Recently, in a media chat, The Don actress opened up about facing casting couch and admitted that she was thrown out of a film due to it. She revealed, “In mid-2000, I was called by a renowned producer who said that you have to be in the good books of the hero. I didn’t know what he meant. So, I called up the hero, who asked me to meet him alone. I called the producer and told him that I am here due to my talent and looks and if that can get me good work, then it’s good enough. I was thrown out of the film.”

The Girlfriend actress also revealed that camps and nepotism exist in the entertainment industry and told that she had to settle for small roles as she did not compromise. She also admitted that she is a no-nonsense girl and had lost lots of projects due to this attitude.